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door seal problems

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anybody had problems with your door being hard to open after replacing door seal.door closes fine just hard to open from inside car.backed off on door latch adjuster but still dont like it,door not lined up like i want this thing going to calm down and form itself or do i need to find a better seal?seal came from mustangunlimited.thanks
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I had the opposite problem after I installed molding. The door was hard to close. Had to slam it pretty hard. No issues opening. Over time, it got better and now is just fine. I guess the molding needed time to compress.

I assume you are talking about the rubber molding that runs 360 degrees around the entire door opening.

When I got mine from LRS, they had 2 types. They had the exact Ford replacement molding and they had the knock-off aftermarket stuff. I spent more and got the Ford molding
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