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Hey fellow Mustang drivers

Always been a proud ROUSH owner myself and wanted to share an Android app I wrote that hopefully the community will enjoy: DragLog

I have been unable to find good smartphone apps which are visually appealing and provide relevant data for my track runs - so I took things into my own hands!

It was just released it on Google Play app store and would like to get some feedback from the forums

Google Play Link:

Please check it out on Facebook:
Please check it out on Twitter:

Here are some of the features:

- Logs users car information and pictures
- Find Drag Strip location via GPS
- Download Drag Strip weather conditions
- Map saved Drag Strip locations using Google Maps
- Save every 1/4 mile run with picture
- Sort runs by Track Location and by Car
- Post 1/4 mile times to Twitter and Facebook
- Send 1/4 mile times via Email and SMS

An iPhone version is in the works also

Please DM me for more information! Would love suggestions and comments for future features!!!


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Interesting. Could be fun but I don't know. How about making a fully functional version with a 7 or 14-day timebomb to buy the full version?

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For $1.99, I went ahead and downloaded it. It looks neat.

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