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I'm a pathetic loser that never had a car or a driver's license and has never driven until just the last couple of months. I worked for the tech industry and since I hit adulthood, that allowed me to telecommute. On top of that, I lived in a city where it was cheaper, faster and less stressful to just hop on a bus or lightrail instead of driving.

So, now I'm in my late 20s and just bought the 2006 (legend-lime) and enjoying the car. Now, I'm not an audiophile and I have extremely limited audio knowledge and experience, but the Shaker 500 doesn't quite sound right to me. It's a reasonable system for stock, but the only thing it shakes on me is my calves and knees. On top of that, the speakers are LOUD, but they outscream the bass and make me want to stab my eardrums above anything over four notches.

So, nice system - but there is room for improvement.

This is where my question comes in. And yes, I know there have been other posts about the audio system, but I could not find any that seemed to address this rather specific yet general query. If I've missed it, please feel free to throw some RTFM and SEARCH at me and make fun of my lacking manhood and whatever else comes to mind. I can take it. :)

And the question is - if you had (or have) a 2006 with the stock Shaker 500 in it and could improve it - what improvements would you make? I'd appreciate details. As in, what kind of speakers, subs, amps and head unit would you want to put in there? Would it require a couple batteries rigged in the trunk?

I definitely need more sub, so I'll probably stick something in the trunk with an amp. But how much sub is too much? I've seen guys with 15,000 watts worth of Holees in their trunk. That seems like overkill, unless I'm helping some cute geologist babe straight out of Tremors test her siesmograph equipment.

I'm looking at spending around $1,000 to $1,500 but could be easily convinced to spend a bit more if it would pull significantly better quality.

I hope I don't sound like a little kid asking you to do my homework for me. I just am having a hell of a time educating myself on this topic and there are limited resources when it comes to car audio. Doesn't seem to be any strong howtos or tutorials or "dummy" guides out there. Normally, I'm the kind of guy you could stick in front of a couple books on the subject and I'd walk away an expert. But this seems decidedly different and I don't so much want to become a guru as I just want some guidance picking a killer new audio setup for my car. Something that has power and sound and balance and makes people as impressed with the sound as they are with the gorgeous car.

I appreciate your time reading this and would be most sincerely thankful to anyone who replies. Your input will not be lost on me.

Thank you.

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An idea

Here is mine :)
Cost about $1500.

I have about sixty hours install on the system.

Honestly, your best bet is to find a good quality pro installer. You could $2000 on a system installing it yourself when a pro installer can take a $1000 and make one that sounds better. Honestly I would suggest that if you do not know much. That 8 in opening in the doors takes some fabrication to do correctly. Also, some of your better brands, MB Quart, Boston, Eclipse etc are not too easy to find from authorized resellers on line. You would be suprised - a lot of pro installers have great prices on equipment etc. if you want to learn more :)

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15,000 watts!!?? What, is your friend performing a concert in his car?! That is unheard of! But anyway...
I used to work in car stereo, so I can probably tell you what you need to know. If you have a budget of $1000-1500, I would recommend some Alpine Type-R speakers and and Alpine headunit. If you do not buy a good headunit, don't buy anything. You must buy a headunit to make any significant improvement in sound quality. To fill the 8" speakers in the doors, you'll have to do some searching on that (Alpine doesn't make 8" subs/speakers). Get a 4-channel amp, preferably the same brand as your speakers/headunit (products tend to work better whent hey are the same manufacturer (at least Alpine does). And unless you're pushing 4,000+ watts, you DO NOT need an extra battery. Period. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you want subs? Actually, I'll make this easy....if you like rock music, jazz, or anything else besides rap/hip-hop, get 1 (or 2) 10" subs. If you're diggin' the rap dawg, then yo, come up on some 12" subs, playa.:laughlitt And if you get subs, get a monoblock (1 channel) or a 2-channel amp, depending on how many subs you buy. But you can get away with 1 high-powered monoblock with two subs.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you need anyting else.

Check out Alpine's site at They have good stuff. There is other stuff out there besides Alpine, but I don't have time (nor do you) to look at a hundred different manufacturers. Alpine just happens to be great, whether you want something entry-level, or a $20,000 system.

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