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Drip rail 1973 Mustang Mach 1

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Hi ,
I have some hard time finding the drip rails for my 73 mach1 .
Does anybody knows where i can buy them .
Thanks .
Renaud .
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If you are speaking of the rail itself and not the chrome molding, you are out of luck. The drip rails are not being made in repro form. You will have to remove them from another car or fabricate them. I've seen some cars that have them removed for a cleaner look, but as you probably know, any water on the roof is going to enter an open window.
The Greek is right about water entering the window. I firmly believe one of the seven signs of the apocalypse is the decision to remove drip rails from cars. I could drive my '68 down the road in just about anything short of a downpour with my window down a 1/2 inch and stay dry. On the new cars you get soaked if you use your windshield washers with the window down.

No real advice here...just a rant!
Thank you guys .
I'm working on it .
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