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driver/passenger window function-HELP

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I'm not sure if this is normal on a mustang , since this is the first year mustangs have come out with this window function "window popping back up when you close/open the door". When I open my door with the window all the way up, it catches on the rubber molding as if the window is to slow in coming down for the door to open. my sisters mini cooper's window lowers really fast when the door open and does not catch the molding at all, as well as my friends g35. You can open their doors pretty fast and have no delay in the window hitting the molding. I now open the door really slow so I won't ruine my window. Does anyone else have this problem?
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thanks for the info. I just got done reading the the manual and it says to re-calibrate the windows only if they get stuck in the down or up position. well I tried it anyways and it still is the same. o'well I guess thats another ford problem I'll have to overlook. At least this car (05 mustang) is not as bad as my 03 cobra with problems but it's catching up. :sosad:
Rizzen said:
You can recalibrate it by rolling your window down and holding the button for 2 seconds then roll it up and hold the button for another 2 seconds. See if that fixes your problem.
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