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Driver's side front wheel problem(s)? 2000 Stang GT

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Has anyone experienced this problem?

My front tire, driver's side, is making this noise (wopwopwopwop).
I checked out the tire and there is an uneven wear on the inner tread. a tread is low, the following tread is normal in height all, and then low again on the next thread. it is like a smooth wave, a dip here, high there, dip again.
the tire is only 6 months old, yokohama.

the front passenger side tire does not have the same problem.

not sure what is causing that.

recent work done on both front and rear wheels :
new crossdrilled rotors, new pads, FORD OEM wheel bearings, tires were balanced and the alignment also done.

alignment seems to be good, car runs straight while driving in the freeway, no pulling to the left or right, steering wheel does not wobble and is stable.

i have not changed the shocks/struts, they are still the original stock.

any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks to all.
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"the alignment SEEMS to be OK"

Get new tire (s) (what ever brand you like) check for loose steering or suspension parts.
Then, check the
alignement again. Tell the guys from the dealership about the tire problem when they do the alignment.
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