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Drivers side motor mount wont seat all the way down.

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Last night i installed the energy suspension motor mounts into my 88 GT. The passenger side was simple and seats into the bracket correctly. However, the driver side doesnt seat all the way down into the bracket, even though i let the motor down off the jack, and the passenger side was Not tightened down. This seems like a problem to me. thoughts on why the motor wants to sit higher on one side?


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That part of the kmember might just be twisted inward a tiny bit.Its nothing to worry about though.
Were the engine & transmission already installed in the car & you just jacked the engine up to remove the old mounts & install the new mounts??If so,the fact that the transmission mount was attached to the crossmember might be preventing the engine from cradling exactly perfect.With our cars being 25+ years old,its not unusual to see chassis & body panels slightly twisted enough to cause that kind of issue.As long as the mount bolt lines up with the slot,you're good.If you're worried about it,raise the other side up to match then tighten the nut.Its also possible that side of the motor was dropped into the slot first and bottomed out so it won't allow the opposite mount to bottom out because of being dropped in at an angle.You could always raise the motor up again,heat that part of the kmember up & knock it inward enough so the mount bolt will drop in and bottom out like the other side.I wouldn't worry about it though,unless you're looking for perfection.
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