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Dude....which rack for my stang?

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I'm not a retard about cars but I'm totally lost on this one. I'm trying to find a power steering rack for my '88 LX 5.0. Every parts place around here has like 10 different racks for my car. I'd really rather not install every one until I find the right one......can anyone here give a little insight?
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I bought a rack & pinion from Oreilly auto parts for around $80.

A1 CARDONE , Part # 22-203A
So yours was the 2-piece bushing one?

Couple other questions I had.....that rack comes with inner tie rods, yeah? And, is there anything else I'll need to get to replace the rack and pinion?
The rack is the heart of the system, no wait, I guess that's the pump. You might as well get a new pump, and the hoses too. Maybe even flush the cooler. That way you will have an entirely new system, and you won't pump any debris into that new rack.
Yes its a 2 piece system and comes with new inner tie rods and rubber boots.
Ok, one more question I have. My car's dropped like 3 inches, do I need offset rack and pinion bushings?

This is what I found on
Anyone know this one?
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