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Due to popular demand...Wheel Chart 2.0 has been hatched

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As amazing as it sounds people just aren't satisfied with a one stop shopping list of complete suspension packages and how various wheels and tires fit on assorted mustangs with those packages.

I believe the PDF delivered versions of these charts have gone as far as they are going to go and most already contain a large cross section of sizes able to answer many questions. However the general public is a fickle woman indeed and I get ALOT of emails and see ALOT of posts around saying things like "golly gee batman this chart sure is nice but we really wish it had pictures".

I attempted to add pictures to the charts 2 years ago and it is just way too tedious an effort to 1. Update the existing entries and 2. Add new entries in the previous format. Because of this, I have upgrade my website and therefore and able to now offer wheel chart 2.0 in its infancy.

Dodgestang Photo Archives

This new 'permanent location' will provide two things in a single source location; the original Wheel Chart 1.0 as well as compiled albums of autos with 'light' suspension and wheel info. I say light because unlike the PDF charts where I held entrants to a high standard for completeness of information, the new album will have a more relaxed information need. I will still require at the MINIMUM complete and accurate front/rear spring, wheel size/backspacing, and tire size and I will 'request' that if you know you did something that changed the track width or there is some other funky thing about your would share it.

If you wish to participate it is really easy. Email a photo (or 2) of you car and a quick description of the tire wheel and I will add it to the gallery. I've already started farming the message boards for information to include but pushing it to me is always more useful that me pulling it. Please use [email protected] for this information and include the words WHEEL and CHART in the title so I am sure to get it.
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another grand slam Nick!

I can't believe people are complaining about all the work you have done - (well, I guess I can....) I am not surprised by peopel that often anymore.

You have been more than generous over the years with these tire fitment charts.
You have undoubtedly received a lot of undeserved criticism on the charts over the years - you have handled it much better than I would have.

Along with this, you have never gotten the credit you deserve for pulling this together. I have referenced the charts repeatedly and actually made a couple of contrbutions over the years (about to make one more soon).

Thanks again, Nick.:bigthumbsup
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