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Dumb question about exhaust headers

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Okay I'm currently projecting on my 2003 Mustang and my only question is are the headers reversible? so instead of the down position can I rotate them the other way, or are the dimensions not right to bolt it back on the other way?
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Are you saying you are wanting to use the passenger side header for the driver side or vice versa??
no same place just rotate them in place, so are the symmetric to wear instead of going down to the mid pipe I can point them up/ forwards to the hood or front of the engine bay. Sorry trying to explain but I am bad at it :frown: . I get pictures in my head but I often fail to find ways to explain them.
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Can't rotate them in place the bolt holes won't line up. Should be able to swap them left to right and bolt them up that way if there is room. Why you want to bolt them up that way? Doing a turbo set up?
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yes but also trying new things, I couldn't find a definitive answer to my (VERY) oddball question (thank you by the way).
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