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Dumbarse question of the day

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I've been reading a lot of the catback system reviews on the board and I'm thinking about doing something in that direction. Then I finally figured out what CAI referred to so I'm thinking about that as well.

So the dumb question, I have a Harley and doing a high flow air cleaner and exhaust is called a Stage 1 upgrade. When you do a stage 1 you have to get the computer reflashed or add a piggyback fuel management system or the bike runs to lean. Does doing this to a car require the same thing? I'm not really looking for more power, just a different sound. I don't want to get a tune if I don't have to.
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Depends on the intake, some require it to be tuned, like the Steeda, but others, like the AirRaid do not. Although, it does certainly help.
That's not a stupid question, although the information is definitely there if you look deep enough. So far, there is only one CAI available for the 3.7l that requires a tune, which is the Steeda CAI. All the othrs do not require a tune.

The primary reason they do not require a tune is due to the fact that the CAI's do not increase the throttle body width; they simply remove the resctrictions created by the stock airbox and piping and free up some restricted hp/tq.
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As for retuning, check out some of the package deals at American Muscle.

CAI's with retuner kits, and best of all, free professionally coded BAMA tunes for life.

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‪2011 Mustang 3.7L V6 - Cold Air Intake & Bama Custom Tune Dyno Results‬‏ - YouTube
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