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Dynamic Compression Ratio (DCR)

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I've been studying the dark art of cam design and found some information & calculators. These only raised more questions. So I decided to start a thread (the search didn't find a previous thread) dealing with DCR and cam timing events so inquisitive people like me might have our questions answered by the more knowledgable members of this forum.

The sites I found are:
Static Vs Dynamic Compression Ratio | Piston Ratio

Wallace Racing: Dynamic Compression Ratio Calculator
(stock 3v specs can be found at 3v engine specs.pdf&C=q_and_a).

I know VCT engines (like ours) are a little different, but that just means we need to add the IVC to the cam retard at max/min to find extremes.

My questions are:

1. For a stock engine with boost, keeping the dynamic boost compression ratio under a certain # should be more accurate than staying under a certain RWHP (if pre-mod RWHP is known to be safe)?

2. If a cam drops this number (which would likely reduce parasitic drag from the blower and compression), is it safe to turn the boost back up to where the dynamic boost compression ratio was for a stock cam?

3. How much will porting heads change these calculations? (notice head flow #s are not included in the variables).

4. I may be asking the wrong questions...what numbers are actually important?

5. Does cylinder pressure relate to conrod stresses (the weakest link in our engines).

Thanks again for any information and hopefully this thread will help everyone become better informed.
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