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Dynoed my '66 Mustang! (Video)

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I've been meaning to do this for so long, the curiosity was killing me.

Specs are as follows:

1995 302 V8
1987 T-5 manual transmission
Edelbrock Performer RPM intake
Holley 600 Vac secondaries
Hedman Headers middys
24inch cherry bomb glasspacks
MSD ignition

Stock rear end, 2.79 gear ratio.

It's pretty stock, I tore it apart replaced all gaskets and cleaned up the carbon build up on the cylinder heads. Motor has maybe 84xxx on it.

A/F read out showed it was running way lean and I still have room for more advance on the timing. Dyno guy said go up at least three jet sizes :kooky:

Now, what everyone wants to hear!

It put down 240 horsepower and 290 ft/lbs of torque at the wheel.

I'm very happy with this number considering my estimate was 200 tops considering they only made 215 new.

1966 Mustang 302 Dyno! - YouTube
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no special headers or roller rockers or anything? What are you running for a cam? 240 at the wheels is higher than I would have thought.

Watching dynos always scares me. I'm just always waiting for the engine to blow up because that's what it sounds like it wants to do :kooky:
Stock cam, stock lifters, stock rocker arms. I was looking into the 1.7 roller rocker swap, I've heard good things about them.

Headers are just regular mid length Hedman's.

And yeah, I never realized how loud the thing is, I thought it was going to kill itself!
what heads are on it? 240 @ the wheels is EXTREAMLY stout for stock cam and heads.
Stock heads :)

Yeah I'm shocked too. Did a few runs and it went down to 236 by the time it heated up.
and they say carbs don't make more HP....:winks

I upped the jetting from 65 to 69 and what a difference!

Oh and just yesterday I slapped on a set of Crane 1.7 roller rockers, I can't wait to dyno it again :)

Heck I've been looking into a set of Gt40 heads, not sure if I'll go cheap and get a cast iron set and have those rebuilt so I can use my pedestal rockers or just get aluminum ones.
Nope, works fine! Love it!


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Do another dyno pull with them. I'd really like to see the gains, basically because I do not believe it is anything close to what the manufacturers state. I'd think 5-7 hp.
I've changed the jets and timing is next, so it wont be definitive on whether or not the rockers did anything, not to mention the dyno is $100 for the runs :(

But I'd be happy with 250 at the wheels after the recent changes.
Three. Could have asked for more but it was kinda pointless at that point because the motor heats up giving lower numbers. Also gave me the air fuel ratio.
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