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E6 Heads Or E7TE-PA

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I'm having my engine rebuilt 0.30 over with flat top pistons with valve relieves, trick flow intake, pheobolic spacer, 70mm throttle body with 75mm mas air conversion cold air intake kit, with bbk headers, bassani cat back x pipe with flowmasters. I'm stuck having to use either e6 heads which have heart shaped combustion chambers which will be fully ported with the chambers bull doged or E7TE-PA heads wich will also be fully ported. which heads would be the best to use. I know chevy guys go nuts over heart shaped combustion chambers for the power is the same true power wise in this case and also what size injectors should I use as well as an e303 or b303 cam for an arizona emissions vehicle please help. [email protected]
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E6 have larger chambers (68cc) and bit smaller valves, the large chamber will make you loose compression unless they are shaved. Some people do use ported E6s but i tink E7s are a better choice.

On the other hand why not get GT40 "P" or GT40 Cobra heads..still a better choice.
All '79+ "factory" 5.0L cylinder heads (exc. '93-'95 GT-40 and '97-'01 GT-40P) have the same size valves: 1.78"/1.46".

GT-40 cylinder heads have 1.84"/1.54" valves.
GT-40P cylinder heads have 1.84"/1.46" valves.
I think the general opinion is that E7s will offer better performance than E6s. Something about the valves being shrouded on E6s.

Also, I agree with GTRaptor. Go with GT40Ps, or regular GT40s if you already have an investment in non-P headers.

AFR165s sound nice too if you have some extra $. I have heard that by switching from E7s to the AFR165s on an otherwise stock engine, you can gain 100HP, which makes them one of the best bang-for-the-buck upgrades you can buy.
If your strapped for cash, go with the E7's. If you've got a little bit of cash you can find a set of GT-40's for about 400 bucks if you look good.
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