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Ebay turbo? all that it seems

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Cxracing 79 93 Fox Body Ford Mustang V8 5 0 Fmic Twin Turbo Intercooler Kit T04E | eBay
good performance it seems cheep compared to others out there
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^^^^. Your looking at over 2k once you get the hot side, injectors, fuel pump, and tune.

And from what I understand, cxracing is about the same as on3.

Here we go there not i have an on3 kit..its a decent me...Mine is a daily also...the kit fiits well..performs awesome...i would use it again...:bigthumbsup
Sure, the Headers arent cheap stainless that crack On3 re-designed themthere 1st kits out were stainless now there not..they use a better waste gate and blow off valve then the ebay can get in the kit better fuel compoments.And a complete kit to even use for factory cat back....and the turbo IMO is better quality then the ebay kits...Also from what i hear those ebay kits dont fit as well as the On3 kits...Yes will the ebay kit work sure...never said that..Im just tired of people and im not saying you...Bash on3 when they dont own them or have no experience with the kit...
Yeah i know what you mean..I bought the complete kit with fuel pump,injectors,turbo kit and was $2100 shipped not to bad..but there are always extra you it gets espensive...:) but worth it after the 1st drive...:D
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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