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ecu signal ground/injector not working

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i have beengetting great info off here for a while now so i want to say thank you for all your experience.
i have a 93 5.0 5speed gt that wont start on its own. i have fuel and fire but no pulse to injector. what i have done so far is test ecu pin 46 to 40&60 and it ohm out at .4 but when i ohm out test connector at obd port to ecu harness pin 46 i get nothing at all my meter wont even register. i also tried ohm out test port (black/white wire) to battery ground and get nothing. im at a loss here this car is stock no mods and in good condition for a 93... what the heck is going on? i would like to hear your input cause i may be over looking something
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Make sure you have key on pwr to pins 37 and 57 at connector and a good ground at 20,40,60. Make sure the thin black wire at batt negative post is connected, as well as ecu ground at kick inside car, and the injector harness ground at the back of the motor, as well as the block to frame ground

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thank you v8only let me run out there and check right fast. again thank you for your input it may not seem like much but anything help at this point. almost 70 views and v8only is the only one to stop and give advice.

let me finish my coffee and bacon first then i will go check as you sudgested
v8only i did as you said and all passed with flying colors. i went from pins 20,40,60 to ecu ground at kick pannel and all was good i also tested koeo power at pins 37 and 57 pass with 12v now what? also i did hear a noise coming from a box above the radio. i removed the radio and found what seems to be a body control module just above the radio it sounded like power wires grounding out on something? is that the bcm and will it cause the car not to start?
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