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ecu signal ground/injector not working

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i have beengetting great info off here for a while now so i want to say thank you for all your experience.
i have a 93 5.0 5speed gt that wont start on its own. i have fuel and fire but no pulse to injector. what i have done so far is test ecu pin 46 to 40&60 and it ohm out at .4 but when i ohm out test connector at obd port to ecu harness pin 46 i get nothing at all my meter wont even register. i also tried ohm out test port (black/white wire) to battery ground and get nothing. im at a loss here this car is stock no mods and in good condition for a 93... what the heck is going on? i would like to hear your input cause i may be over looking something
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Do you have 5v bewteen the TPS orange and black wires?
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