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Edelbrock Heads and Camshaft

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Hey all,

What would you estimate that I would gain by installing Edelbrock E-Street Heads (1.90" intake) and an XE268H cam. Engine is a 351w with a performer intake and a 600cfm carb and hooker headers.

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So the consensus is, is that a 351w with a performer eps intake (I know its not the best), a 600cfm carb, hooker headers with a full dual exhaust would ONLY gain 30hp with Edelbrock E-street heads and an XE268H cam?
Yeah I read, and his answer as he said was for a stock engine, however I listed a few upgrades made to the engine and was clarifying if he understood the other parts that I had already installed on the engine....
An eps is the non-RPM performer intake. I wanted to know what I would get out of specifically that camshaft and those set of heads, thats all.
I also don't have a very specific hp number in mind. I do understand how misunderstood hp numbers are and I do understand how its not everything. I wanted to know what power I could gain with those parts because I think those would be good parts that suit my applications and current budget.
Ok, so the combustion chambers are 60cc on new eddys, the engine is a factory 2 barrel with the 2V heads, and I am unsure about the rear end but I know its not stock. I know that I would want to swap it out later maybe for a 3.73. Thanks.
Ok....yes the aforementioned topics include my mentioning of hooker headers on the car.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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