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Edelbrock Secondaries Lock

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Okay so I have an edelbrock 1406 and I have a question about the secondaries. When I manually pull the throttle when the car is off, the secondaries only open slightly because a lock plate hooks around a notch on the secondary shaft and keeps them from opening. The rebuilt kit i bough calls this plate the "lockout arm" if i move the arm out of the way manually, when i push the throttle, the secondaries open all the way. I'm confused as to why this is happening.

Ive seen online that it has to do with vacuum pressure and the electric choke and that the secondaries will open when the engine is under load. Can anyone explain to me how this works and how i know that its working properly?
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okay so basically i checked everything out just after running my car so the choke was still fully open and everything is working fine. It turns out that the problem was a mix of my ignorance about chokes and my obsessive paranoia... and also probably my lack of experience with classic cars in general. Thank you for you time and info though!!!
Yes, time and experience does help. In answer to the metering rods, they can be changed to fine tune mid-range response. They are available in leaner and richer stages, all else being OK. Edelbrock tuning manual has a section lists kit numbers and their AFR affect. However, knowing which way (leaner/richer) to go is the "key".
My best advice for anyone wrenching on their rides, is to keep a log of all changes in detail. Also, don't make numerous changes at once as the affects can not be determined specifically.
Good Luck!
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