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Effect of changing wheel and tire size

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I have an 84 LX Mustang V6 with 14" steel rims and P185/75R tires.
I would really like to change the rims and I have an opportunity to
purchase a nice set of 16" rims with 225/55R tires. I am told they will
fit any Foxbody but I was wondering what effect these larger tires will have on my little V6. Please advise
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Incorrect speddo would be the main issue

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That's a big wheel/tire combo for a 160 hp v6, that is the stock size on my 290 hp Mark8 . The 225/55/16's on my Lincoln are about a 26" diameter and for a comparison the 275/40/17's on my Mustang are about a 25" diameter . As you increase the diameter and weight of a wheel/tire combo you affect the unsprung weight the suspension has to deal with , the rotational mass the engine has to accelerate and the brakes have to stop , the final gear ratio so your speedometer is off as well .
Thanks, that is just the information I needed. Its just too big a bite in a lot of areas just to get a set of good looking wheels. I know the old metric wheels which would work for my little 6 look good but the tires cost a mint. I'm just going to set wheels aside and focus on brake upgrades and front suspension. Thanks again
Pothole Bob
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