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EFI 5.0 need Help wiring EEC/Fuel Pump Relays

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So I've wired up the relays and i'm trying to start my car which is a 1966 mustang with a 5.0/T-5 from a 1991 mustang. The fuel pump kicks on fine when I ground the wire at the EEC Test Connector. But when I switch the ignition to run the relays don't seem to turn on.

I have the switched 12v power wired up and it comes on fine when the ignition is in run. I also have constant 12v at the black/orange strip wire at the EEC relay. I have 3.5v at the red wires going into the relays which are 37/57 at the pcm I believe. This 3.5v is there even with the ignition off. I assume there's supposed to be 12v at those wires? Why would there be 3.5v here and how can I test it to figure out whats wrong?

Also both relays are brand new. Thanks


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