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EGR help? mill intake for original location

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I have a V6 2002 mustang, I am getting ready to do the windstar swap. My question is if I can modify the intake. Would it be possible to mill out the intake to allow for the front portion of the IAC, (where pencil is pointed) . It is clearly two separate vacuum sources. I do not know where the vacuum source needs to come from. In the Pics you can see where I cut down the Intake to accommodate for the throttle body. I also ground down the throttle to clear Intake. If possible I would like to keep in original location with modification to Intake (Mill out like original) , if not I will do a remote access. Still not clear on which vacuum hoses go to remote IAC. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. P.S. I was able to heat and bend the EGR pipe without having to cut pipe, turned out pretty cool!

IAC Experts Help origanalvor remote location-wczlxoh.jpg

IAC Experts Help origanalvor remote location-ib7nxc4.jpg
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