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I installed the sway bars, springs, and damper system this weekend. The Pony handles great, much better than before, BUT:

I have an annoying knocking in the rear every time I hit a little bump. I have looked at all the components three separate times and checked all bolts for tightness. THis third time I was pushing and pulling pieces of the rear suspension, and I noticed that the new rear sway bar has about a millimeter of slop in the end link bushing at the bar connection. If I hit it with my palm it sounds a lot like the knocking I hear when driving.
Should there be a little bit of play, or should the poly bushing grip the bar?
If there isn't supposed to be this movement in the bushing, I think this is the problem.

Another question: I noticed more road noise on the highway over 60 MPH. Is this normal for a lowering kit, or is it probably an alignment problem that is causing the extra noise? I haven't had the alignment checked yet.

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