Ford has released a few more details about its upcoming all-electric F-150. The new truck will have more horsepower, more torque, and accelerate faster than any F-150 on the market today, said Ford.

Not only will the truck have those advantages, it will also have an extra storage compartment thanks to the lack of engine. Ford describes it as a “giant front trunk” and it may help if the electric motors take some space out of the bed.

And the advantages don’t stop there. Ford predicts that owners will save up to 40% of operating costs over the life of the truck. Not only won’t they have to pay for gas, there’s also (theoretically) less to go wrong on an electric vehicle, so repair bills should also be minimized.

To ensure that the electric F-150 can still claim its truck-y bona fides, Ford is also working on a mobile power generation unit for work sites, camp sites, and remote areas. With any luck, even F-150 owners working building a road to a campsite on the Alaskan frontier will be able to drive an electric F-150 if they want to.

And why shouldn’t they? Let’s keep Alaska icy.