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Electric Fan Conversion

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I just did the swap to an electric last night, and it feels great! The power feels much more free and the car seems to have a big weight lifted off its shoulders. It actually felt better than when I did my Cobra manifolds! I am absolutely in love with this new electric fan,. Its a 3.8L Lincoln fan from a 93. It blows great even though Ive only got it hooked up to the low setting for now, because I still have to order the thermostat from Summit (unless someone knows where to get one that is any good for cheaper... hint, hint... I have been told to stay away from ones that just drop into the radiator as they easily break and fail...) It is just wired to a switch in the **** pit which I keep on most of the time, but it will work temporarily. Anyway, just wanted everyone that is thinking about it to know that it is a really good mod.
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Thats cool . How much did you have to pay for the fan ?
I have a thermostat that fits into the radiator. I used teflon tape around the probe wire and tightened the crap out of the clamp. Hasnt leaked yet!
I payed 14.50 for the fan from a junkyard and bought 2 more which are on eBay right now... Where did you get your thermostat Ghost and how much did it cost?

I just realized that it bleeped out "cockpit" in my earlier post, because I seperated the the 2 words on accident... Thats hilarious
Yeah pervert, quit using that language. Lol.

I got the thermostat with my Zirgo fan. After analyzing the look and design of it, it functions but I think the summit kit is good.

Part# SUM-890016
well, what do you guys think, should I get 185 on/ 170 off, or should I get the 200 on/ 185 off? I was thinking about changing to a 180 thermostat, but Im not sure if that is really a good idea... WHat do you guys think. I just dont want the computer to compensate slighty rich thinking that the car is not warmed up... Plus, right now on the freeway i am getting 29 mpg, and I dont want to mess with that!!! Maybe Ill just go with the 200 on kit... It is a pretty reasonable price too. Thanks Ghost, I had been looking at the 79.99 one and im not sure what that was now...
Thank you all cause now my fan problems are
Run whatever one matches your t stat. I run a 180* But you dont really think you can feel the 3 hp that freed up do you?
Thank you all cause now my fan problems are
Man not sure what you really speak of or who you are answering from a 5 year old thread.
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