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Hello .. I ask for your expertise.

New to this forum. On others and really not getting a good response from them..

70 mach 351 C.
Want to install an electrical oil pressure & Temp gauge(autometer)

No problem finding the temp SU. Right up front on the water pump.

Mach does not currently have one. (Oil SU) that I can locate Just the IL.

There is a Allen Head screw next to the Oil Filter on the block.

Is this location correct for the SU? Then using the ext & the SU. Wiring from this point,etc...

Is there another or better location on a 351C? I';ve heard on the back of the block..

I'm aware I would need the Autometer SU and most likely the ext..

Or do you suggest another alternative

Appreciate your insite.

70 mach 4sp
351 C Grabber Blue / shaker
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