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Electric shocks?

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I have an interesting proposition. I have a 2007 Gt/CS that I daily, great car, only issue is that I daily it and it’s fun but it’s not great with bumps. I was curious if it were possible to install electric shocks onto one of these, like a BMW has, where you can change the dampening rate and have modes like “comfort” or “sport”. It’s probably a stupid question because I doubt it’s possible but if it is I’m willing to do all of the necessary electrical work and I’d reprogram the ecu if it were necessary. Why don’t I go with coil overs or air suspension? Because in order to change the dampening rate on coil overs I’d have to lift the car up, and change it manually by trial and error, and with air suspension I’d have to have an annoying compressor in my trunk. The reason I want to have the option of changing my dampening rate is because I’ll be using this car on the track sometimes and I’d want a quick dampen on the track but I’d want a slower, smoother dampen when I’m on the road. Have any of you ever heard of aftermarket electric shocks or have any of you ever installed electric shocks?
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I guess there probably is such a thing, but I have no idea where to get them, and yeah wiring would be a fun project. One good thing, is I think they would be completely separate from the ECU and the rest of the car; probably just some kind of switch added to the dash. I bet one of those fancy custom shops we see on TV could do it, for maybe $10-20K or so.

But there might be some more practical alternatives . . .
  • is the car lowered right now? if lowered, would you consider going back to factory ride height?
  • have you considered Koni "Sport" shocks and struts? they are adjustable for damping using a screw; which would work fine for your track situation
  • what tires do you have now? would you consider higher profile tires?
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