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I put a 302 in my 68 mustang. I put a few goodies in it...I came across a Ford electronic distributor my dad had. It's still in really good shape. It was a little seized up but I got it spinning like brand new. I also have what I think is a Ford brain box. On the bottom where the wires come out, there is a blue plastic tab. I was told that means it's off of a Ford. (Ford blue so it makes sense) It says heavy duty on the front, assuming that's from a truck but wouldn't really effect anything. Thing is, the dizzy and the box both have 3 prong male plugs. The dizzy of course only has one. The box has 2.

The colors of the wires on the box are like this: Plug 1. A green wire, an orange wire, a purple wire, a black wire. Plug 2. A red wire and a white wire.

On the dizzy, the wires are : Black with an orange stripe, a black wire, and the last one is black with a gray or dark green stripe (it's dull from over time).

A guy told me I could just cut the wires on the plugs, and hook them direct. Using my stock coil (which I'll probably upgrade if this works) the brain box and the dizzy. If anyone could tell me more about this and even how to go about doing it the way it needs to be done, please let me know. I'm about ready to start taking the 'stang out once we get some decent weather. Any help would be great guys! :wavey

Also, any gains I'll notice? I know it won't be much but just curious. Or will the only gain be eliminating the points? lol
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