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Hello everyone,

I am from Dominican Republic, my native language is Spanish so sorry if I write something wrong, and I just registered in this community.

I am 29 years old and I am electronic engineer, almost two years a go, I Bought a 1994 Mustang GT (fuel injected 302 engine, manual t5 transmission, 8.8" rear end), basically It was in good shape sometime before I bought it but it change owners several times and some of them did not invest in the car so it was starting to get in bad shape when I bought it.

Some of the good things it had when I bought it::hihi:
*Aluminum radiator whit stock fan/shroud.
*1995 17" cobra wheels
*ederblock 65mm throtle body
*custom cool air intake (the air filter is located below the headlights)
*Mustang Cobra lower manifold.
*Ford Racing upper manifold.
*Rear brembo twin pistons calipers
*Body kit.
*flowmaster exhaust
*ederblock heads
*short headers
*eiback sportline springs
*subframe connectors
*3.73:1 Ford racing gears
*autometer oil pressure and water temp gauges
*Moroso spark plug wires :bigthumbsup

some of the bad thing it had when I bought it:headscratch:
*broken engine dipstick
*bent dipstick tube.
*no radio
*no air conditioning
*limited steering rack.
*leaking steering rack
*not working idle control valve.
*overheating problem
*LSD not locking correctly
*loose panel doors due to broken clips.

And to make the story short in this two years I have fix everything from the list of bad's and brake a lot of more stuff, including:
rear brembo caliper, axle, wheel, and rear end housing when I hit something with the rear left wheel doing donuts in the street, and the second big issue was a complete engine rebuilt done because I get into a flooded street and water gets into the engine breaking 5 pistons.

my main interest with the car is drifting and for that I have rebuilt my LSD, use camber bolts to set the camber to -3.5 or -4.0 degrees, increase steering angle by removing steering limiters and adding spacers between the steering shaft and the inner tie rod ends, and a few more thing.

so this is my car.

Hoping to learn and contribute to the community by helping others and getting help.

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