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Engine Block Heater??

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On my vehicle order confirmation it lists 41H ENG BLOCK HTR.

I didnt order it with that and the salesman said it comes on all new fords. I noticed in the ordering guide it was under Fleet only options.

Is this going to delay my build, or is this normal?
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What part of the country are you in?

When I bought a new Volvo while I lived in Montana, it came with a block heater installed even though I had not ordered it. I was glad to have it.
Every car I have bought here in Montana came with a block heater without me even asking for one. But I have always been glad to have it.
JC8076 said:
Im in Wisconsin
WisCONsin... well there ya have. That's why. WisCONsin defines summer as the one week of bad sledding...

Fellow Cheesehead myself. How's by you? Go Packers! :clap
Packers 3rd string didnt look so hot yesterday :what:

Also this summer has been great! Will be better when I get my 'stang!
Where is the block heater on these things? I'll need it if it gets crazy cold.
Comes with battery blanket heater too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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