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Engine Check Light

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I have a question
Started driving my 2007 Mustang GT monday and put on about 60 miles
Tuesday installed oil separator and no problem
Today stopped after work and filled the gas tank
Started the car up and as you all know the indicator lights come on and then off which they did and then on came the check engine light.
When i put the gas cap on i made sure it clicked at least 4 times
Drove home and before i pulled in the garage i shut off the car and got out took off the gas cap and reinstalled it making sure it clicked 4 times the light still stays on.
So my question is what do you think caused the light to come on
And if it is from filling the tank will the light reset if i drive it
Thanks for your help
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I'd recommend you swing by your local Autozone or AAMCO and have the code read.
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