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Engine Cleaning

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Unfortunately for my pony, I live off a dirt road. Consequently, my engine compartment is always collecting mud, sand and water when it rains. What are some safe products and techniques for cleaning the engine compartment short of using a toothbrush. Thanks
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I know what you mean! This is a great article:

Another resource is

I have been using their products for years and they not only carry top of the line products for auto care, but they are always willing to help you choose the correct product for your needs and educate you as to how to use it. Good Luck!
Same here, dirt road, there are a few areas in the manual that show keep out zones in the engine compartment for water. Lately it has been a waste to even wash the car, once I go down the street, it is full of dirt/mud again. :sosad:
Try Simple Green or Spray Nine. Both are good for dirt. Unless you're cleaning a dump truck transmission, you dont need anything stronger.
My wife pickedme up a steamcleaner for x-mas so when the weather gets a bit better I plan on giving that a try.. Ofcourse beng very careful around electronics and holes... I'll let you all know how it goes.
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