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engine knock, could be timing issue?

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I'm getting a good bit of engine knock on my 5.0.
I've recently played a bit with the timing... and since I've gotten knock, no matter how advanced or retarded it is.

Any suggestions?
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Were you "playing with the timing" because you were pumping NOS through it?
When you were playing with the timing, did you know where tdc was before playing?
Was it knocking before or after you played with the timing? Are you disconnecting the spout connector prior to adjusting the timing?
Not running nos, & don't know where tdc is.
Actually installed the engine & played with the timing as a suggested fix for other problems I seemed to be having.
Spout has never been connected.

How do I find tdc?
I believe you can just pull the spark plug in the number 1 cylinder. Roll up a piece of paper and stick it in the spark plug hole. Rotate the engine by hand until the piece of paper is at it's highest.

You should wait for someone else to verify this though.
paper trick sounds easy enough, couldn't hurt to try it.
Other people are telling me that I need to replace oil pump.
You guys think that could be the problem?
hows ur oil pressure???? Instead of using paper..u can just stick your thumb in the hole, and when the piston is at its top, air will push your thumb out....but remember there is a top center on the exhaust push too.
well, oil pressure is unmeasurable. In fact, I can only get the engine to run if I hold the throttle open. That's when I get the engine knock. The gauges all fluctuate and dont give a steady reading.

also, how would I know if it's exhaust?... and once I'm at tdc what do I do with the dizzy to get it straight?
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