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Hi, I priced out local shops to rebuild my stock 302 and estimates range from $1800-$2500. I found this company Precision Engine Rebuilders in Texasthat will do it for about $1200 and that includes shipping. Anybody ever use them I found nothing but good words in a search of forums in the internet. And I get a 12 month warranty......for an addiional $80 they will put a slightly hotter cam.....What do ya think?

Here are the basics of the deal

  • New Pistons
  • New Rings
  • New Timing Components
  • New Freeze Plugs
  • New Installer Gasket Set
  • New Main Bearings
  • New Rod Bearings
  • New Cam Bearings
  • New or Reground Cam Shaft
  • New Push Rods
  • New Hydraulic Lifters
  • New Oil Pump
  • Remachined Block, Crank Shaft, Connecting Rods and Cylinder Heads
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Questions I would ask:
1. Cast or hypereutectic pistons?
2. Do the head gaskets require retorquing?
3. Silent(link) or roller timing chain?
4. What is the bore oversize?
5. What are the rod and main journals ground to(undersize)?
6. Cast, moly, or? type piston rings?

Personally, I have bought my LAST mass produced rebuilt engine. I have not been happy with any I have bought or sold in years. JMHO
Slight change

Ok I have decided that I may not be going to get my numbers matching 302 rebuilt, I am going to store it and get a remaunfactured one. The though being I will be able to rebuild it in 10-15 years and it will be a fresh numbers matching car then again. By putting in the remanufactured engine I really don't have to worry about using up the numbers matching engine and I can drive the hell out of it. So I think I have decided on Power Pro as they have a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty, and I have heard good things on the net about them also I am considering ATK as they also have seem to have a good rep but the power pro engine comes with new valve springs, rocker arms, pushrods and the ATK is remanufactured ones.

Any thoughts?
I took my engine apart myself, brought the block to a machine shop and had it hot tanked, overbored 30, and then align honed for the crank, all for about $300. Then I bought a crank-kit from PAW that included the crankshaft, rods, bearings, pistons, cam, timing chain, and a few other odds n ends (gasket kit, oil pump, etc) for like $650. I got to choose the pistons (I got forged flat top for 10:1 ratio), I got to specify which cam (I picked their SSI cam with 260 intake / 270 exhaust, .448 lift intake and .472 lift exhaust), then put it all together with some ARP bolts and studs. So all in all I did the bottom end for about $1000. I spent another $500 on the heads, having bigger valves put in, new rocker arms and springs, seals, etc. So this was $1500 doing most of the work myself. Kind of makes me wonder how they can do a good job for $1200????
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The ONLY mass-rebuilt engines worth buying are Recon and Jasper. With Jasper, all of their engines are pretty good and have a decent warranty. With Recon, they've got four basic engine packages (at least when buying through Advance Auto Parts) available, with the Xtreme being the best (I've got one of those under the hood of one of my fox-body daily driver now.... .040 over block, forged pistons, moly rings, and .010 under crank, assembled, broken-in, and dyno tested (238.9hp and 302.1ft/lbs) for $1800 with exchange. Has a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. Only problem I've had with it is an oil leak from the fuel pump block off plate on the timing cover, and I had to change out the stamped-steel valvcovers they shipped it with for my aluminum ones. Runs like a bat outta hell, and survived overheating to 260 degrees when my cooling fan went out in heavy traffic when it was 105 outside.
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