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Engine Serge Cutting Out and Quitting?

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Need some help folks. My 1991 GT is fairly stock, or so I think it is. It definately has a beefed up CAM from the previous owner, long tube headers, H-Pipe w 2 chamber flowmasters. I installed a cold air intake and 70mm TB.

I was driving to work one day, and it all of a sudden started sputtering and running roughly. From there when I rolled up to the stoplight and engaged the clutch, it died on me! So I drove it home and parked it were it has been ever since. I have a mechanic friend that took a peek and run some tests, but came up dry. He suggested I take it to a stang shop to get looked at. He thought the problemed area was the MAF sensor. I bought a MAF on ebay and tried it out, nothing!

It sounds to me like a vacuum leak, but we could not find one anywhere!!!! Please help, or send me your suggestions. I really need your expertise here before I spend a bundle having someone run a diagnostic check on this!!!!

thenewguy :eyepoppin
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how the fuel? you getting fuel to the engine?
I would try cleaning the idle air control valve with carburetor cleaner. Does it idle at all?
You can scan it yourself. Check out the tech section.
Check the fuel pressure, too. Probably cheaper to just buy the fuel pressure gauge, than to have a pro read it for you.
Also, make sure your cap, rotor, wires, and plugs are ok.
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