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Engine speed will bounce 350-1100

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Hey guys, I'm having a slight problem with my 5 speed 05 GT. My engine speed will often dip up and down from 350 - 1100 rpms when I'm sitting at a stop light or while I am braking while I am approaching an intersection. It hasn't entirely cut off the engine yet, but I'm concerned that it is a problem that will only get worse. Any suggestions, stories, similar problems, or even better.... solutions? Thanks
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jim83181 said:
So listen to this, i brought the car in to the dealer yesterday regarding this problem... the dealer told me that he retrieved a memory code for frost in the throttle body or something along those lines.... I asked him how this could have happened, he said well you have a KN air filter and it may allow moisture into the intake and when the weather gets chilly, this is the problem is the result.... AHHH!! Then one of the techs badgered me a bit and asked, "So why K&N?". I could only answer him with their for promise less restrictive air intake, he said i shouldn't believe everything i hear. He's the expert I'm not, I'm putting my stock air filter in, this sucks!
Jeez, I'd love to hear what the tech has to say about CAI units running in very cold temps. I've had mine out in the high teens w/ a steeda CAI and it seems to run stronger. Sounds like BS to me. Good luck w/ the problem. :wavey
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