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Engine speed will bounce 350-1100

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Hey guys, I'm having a slight problem with my 5 speed 05 GT. My engine speed will often dip up and down from 350 - 1100 rpms when I'm sitting at a stop light or while I am braking while I am approaching an intersection. It hasn't entirely cut off the engine yet, but I'm concerned that it is a problem that will only get worse. Any suggestions, stories, similar problems, or even better.... solutions? Thanks
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If your engine dies way down, after you let off the brake, there could be a vacuum leak. My truck used to have a bad brake booster. As the brake pedal was let off, if you didn't get on the gas, it would die. It is doing it again a little. Simple fix, if that's it. Even simpler since your car is still under warranty :D
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