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darrent15 said:
I have a corvette engine and tranny and would like to put it into my 87 mustang lx 2.3 Intsead of just selling the vette engine I might as well put it to good use. Can anyone tell me what all I would need for the swap. I would like to get the info as soon as possible. My car has been in the garage for about 2 months now, and all I need are the parts need to connect everything together. Please help.

1. vette engine
2. tranny
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?

Please fill in what I need. Thanks.
Our conversion used a carburated engine. So getting the Vette engine to work will be a bit different. However some of it will be the same.

The cross member can be made easily. We used a pair of 67 nova members and cut & welded to fit. Cut & Grind carefully and it will turn out pretty good.

The driveshaft will be another issue. We took a Monte Carlo shaft and had it cut to put the ford rear ujoint assembly on.

Headers - make em? No, no no no no. Use the S10 headers. I don't know if your heads are D port or not, but the headers are available from headman either way. Make a MINOR adjustment to the firewall and an easy adjustment to the steering shaft and you have all the room you need.

Radiator - keep your radiator right in there. You'll need to use the 4 cylinder lower hose with a small adapter to the larger water pump of the chevy - easy enough though. If you have a 2 core radiator, you'll want to bump it up to the thicker 3 core. If you can't find one at a reasonable price let me know. I have an uncle who owns a parts store and I'll get you one at my price plus shipping.

I don't remember the upper rad hose number, but you can easily match one up. Seems to me it was from a Full sized chevy van. I'll take a look next time I get to the garage.

Bowtie exaust tips - devil's in the details. Make sure you advertise what you have in the car. a worthwhile addition sure to piss off anyone who notices.

Subframe connectors - Must have. You're 2.3 liter didn't stretch the frame like the v8 will. Get the connectors!

8.8 rear end - the 2.3 probably has a 7.5 in the rear. I had a 7.5 hold up to a 302, but it was not going to last. Bump it up to the 8.8 as soon as you can. Find a bolt in 8.8 out of the thunderbird turbocoupe or supercoupe.

Self Exciting Alternator - might not be an option for you if it's an LS1. I really can't answer that one for sure. But if you can switch alternators you'll save yourself an extra bit of wiring. But you will be neck deep in it with the injection and the computers...

There's probably stuff left out, but this might help get you started. I have a website listed in the sig but here it is again:
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