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Engine Swap or Upgrade current?

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Well my '96 was the first time really delving in to the 4.6L Mustangs.
Stupid me didn't do the most thorough of researching when picking one out, wish I would've gone '99-04.

So I'd like to push the power up on my car. Preferably a more powerful engine..

Trying to decide here what would be more cost effective...
A full engine swap for a '99-04 Engine, or just upgrading the block I already have...

I'd really like to keep this N/A.

What all parts am I going to need to upgrade? Do I need to get any other parts to swap?(I read that I need to get a new alternator bracket for head or Intake swap, and I need PI Heads for a PI Intake), will a newer 4.6 fit if I can get my hands on one?

Thank you guys for any input :)
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Since you are asking for an opinion.........

Hands down. For a budget friendly upgrade, buy a whole salvage from a 2001+ Mustang, Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, or Town Car. A low mileage can be purchased for around $800. Even lower if willing to accept a higher mileage unit.

This is less than the cost of new PI heads and avoids major engine work (and the risk if this is your 1st rodeo). A motor swap on the Mustang is mostly straight forward and can be done with only hand tools, rented engine crane in your driveway.
Thank you for the speedy response

I had a feeling the full package would likely be cheaper. What about a F-150 with a 4.6? Could I grab that one?

I've really never done too much apart from pulling intakes and some light work under the car.
Should it all be drop & go? Or will I have to mix & match parts?
Windsor or Romeo?
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