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Hi Guys
I got my engine hanging on the hoist and that will go to the auto machine shop.
I started taking the undercoating/black paint off with alll sorts of removers.
Use: Oven cleaner; so,so results.
Paint stripper; so,so results.
Air Craft Remover; not bad,but messy.
Best result so far ~ My DeWalt drill is hooked-up to a brass round wire brush and with some elbow grease all the garbage is coming off and that beautiful clean base metal is shinning through. :laughlitt Yeah!

How would you go about painting the engine well :rolleyes:
I want the same color of the car. Got the Taho Turquoise paint already bought.
Start me off nice and easy ~ First things First O.K. :winks
Need to know:
What primer is best :rolleyes:
What sand paper grits should I be using first, second, etc.etc.
How many top coats of clear should I use :rolleyes:

I never spray painted an engine well before so please take it nice and easy with me. I can fellow instructions well. Just lay it on me guys :)

That's it. Thanks for all you patients with me.
GOD bless you all :wavey

Sshooner :cool:
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Not open for further replies.