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Equal Or Unequal

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I am ordering a set of BBK or Mac shorty headers tomorrow and am wondering if I should go with the 1 5/8" equal or unequal lengths. I already have the 2.5" piping from the stock headers going to 2 flowmaster mufflers. Also, running with no Cats. Could someone give me their opinion.

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i would suggest unequal's.......i have read that they have just a little more horsepower.......

hotwheels of
on a stock car with just new headers the equals only had a few hp over the unequals, but i heard that the equals produce more hp as more mods are done so i would go with equals.
im not sure if this is true or not, please correct me anyone if im wrong, but with the equal headers the collection of the exhaust gasses at the same time creates a vaccum in the combustion chamber and therfore pulls more air in and gives more hp... thats what my brother told me anyway. maybe one of the phisics guys around this site can confirm that.:naughty
i personally would go with unequal just because the equal length ones are a pain to work around, like if you wanted to put new spark plugs, its a PITA to get around those headers. but some people would rather have the extra 2 hp instead of ease of use. in my opinion, the only time that having equal length headers is when you run long tubes, otherwise it seems like a waste of time...
I'm with green, you may see a couple more horses out of equal lengths but can you imagine trying to change your spark plugs with those things bolted on?
Thanks For all the input, I'm gonna order the unequal lenght shorties. For a sake of a few hp, I'll do without the hassle of the equal lengths.
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