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ETC light (little wrench symbol)

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Have any of you stock 05/06 folks had your ETC light come on yet? The little wrench icon? Manual says: "Illuminates when the engine has defaulted to a "limp-home" operation. Report the fault to a dealer at the earliest opportunity."
I was dropping a gear and standing on the gas to move around someone when it happened. Light came on and felt like fuel was cut off for a sec. Put it in neutral and coasted to the right shoulder. Shut the car off - removed key - started it back up and it was fine...
Called my service manager and he said this fly by wire system is in a lot of the fords. Told him what I was doing when it happened, he said just to watch it and if it does it again to bring it in for service. Mainly if it does it under normal driving conditions.
I'm going to get an oil change in a couple hundred miles anyway so I'll have them hook up to the computer and see if there is a error message stored in there for why it did it.
At least it's not the OBD-II light.
Anyone else have this happen yet? :sosad:
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It happened to me at the track. I forgot to turn off the traction control. I did the burn out and it warned me and then when the tires spun at launch the little computer guy had enough and took control. Pretty embarrasing to make a 3500 rpm pass. I thought I blew somthing up. It scared the crap out of me. :kooky:
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