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Evap Canister / purge valve issue

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Hi all,
Have to get 1990 GT inspected so I finally finished my exhaust and replaced my evap canister purge valve. I ran an engine off scan after clearing codes to make sure the purge valve code 85 was gone, and it was.

The car was already warmed up before swapping the valve so I decided to do an engine running scan just because I had the scanner out. Car stalled half way through and would not restart. Now I'm thinking why would a scan cause that?

I reset the eec and still no go. Now I'm panicking, I have no more funds for the car this week. Now I know I should have checked first the only thing that I changed but I was tired, hot and out of sorts, as well as panicked.

Last night it hit me, purge valve. At about 11:30 I went out in the dark with a kindle fire as a flashlight (have a 13 year old son, all flashlights are dead from being left on) and clamped off the vacuum line between the purge valve and canister. Viola, car runs fine except for the code 85 during koeo test.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I know just enough to get myself in trouble..
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