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exhaust change on 2000 V6

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Hey guys i am wanting to install a supercharger on my 2000 V6. I am looking for the best sounding exhaust. I am hoping that there is someone on here that has done the same thing and can point me in right direction.

Thanks for your time
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I never thought about putting a supercharger on my old 2000 V6 but I did have a the Flowmaster Force II System on mine. I thought that was awesome sounding for a V6 and offered a nice rumble when you want it to. The drone was not bad except for certain off speeds. Around 43 mph if I remember correctly. It actually fooled some people into thinking it was a GT. (Those people be non-mustang people of course.) I would recommend it, but I also have not tried anything else.
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thanks for advice

Thank you on the reply. That is exactly what I am looking for. Something to really bring some sound to the car. This car has been a slow project car for my son. Thank you again for the input.
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