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Exhaust Port shape

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recently, I started cleaning up on a set of split port heads. I have seen several different pictures in various places showing different exhaust port sizes and shapes.....Anyone got some real info on whats recommended? I bought a sean hyland mustang book with 4 pages of v6 of $$
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great idea lol....2001 auto going to a 4.2. Daily driver 12 miles each way 4:10 gears and 8.8 alreay. Comp 218/226 cam. Windstar intake ported lower and 65mm tb......For now it has 95 headers that were welded on the outside/smoothed on the inside of the primaries with 2 3/8" outlet vs stock 2".... I may do long tubes later.... I am considering 1.89intake and 1.55 exhaust valves...My nephew is willing to build the heads, I just have to do the port/clean up work...Just making a fun v6..n/a...
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