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exhaust question

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hey guys i have been hearing alot about Bassani exhausts are they better than say flowmaster or magna flow and what r ur opinions any help is great my 95 gt needs a new exhaust system
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many will probably bite my head off for this one. But bassani is a good product along with magnaflow. as far as power gains. unsure. But i do know that compared to flowmasters they both are better. Flowmasters are mainly sound. the overthe counter kind that 99% of the people put on because they sound cool. hardly any gains. Just sound
I run Flowmasters (the 3-chamber type), and I can say that after I instaled them, my car felt slower than it did with the stock catback.

They seem to help out some at 4500+ RPM, but they hurt my low-end torque.

At the time I installed them on my '87, my only other real mods were long-tube headers and a high-flow cat pipe.
I have bassani headers, x pipe, and flowmasters on my 92 lx and I like how it sounds.The reason I went with the flows was money. A friend of mine has the bassani mufflers and I can honestly say they are worth the money, so if you have the money go with the bassani.
I'm going to be the odd one out and say PYPES. I have their LX system with polished, stainless tails and Pro V muffs, and I love it. The quality is great and it almost falls into place as far as installation. The sound quality is awesome to.
MUSTANGMIKE85I too have a 95GT. Because of the MM panhard bar very few catbacks will fit. Flowmaster American Thunder cat backs were installed and the mufflers were cut out (TOO much resonance in the cab) and maganflow mufflers were welded in. I also have maganflows in my f150 and like the deep sublte sound. It has a deep sound but without the resonance of flows while cruising. Just my 2cents....
yea they are good quality but expensive. i think they are all stainless. i run dynomax super turbo and they are a little louder than stock. they have the same insides as magnaflows.
Are the bassanis as loud as f.m. 2 chamber?
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