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Exhaust Questions

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I have a 2005 mustang GT, auto, and had some question regarding exhaust. I have searched around the fourms for a while and found alot of good information, but still had some questions. Oh yeah, and I live in california so I want to find something legal. I have been looking at Borlas, and Magnaflow, and flowmaster. Flowmaster doesnt come in a kit with the housing, but could I just buy the mufflers and install them on my stock housings I have already or do I need the full kit like the MagnaFlow Exhaust ? Any suggestions over all for me, or anyone have good or bad experiences with any brands. As for the sound, I love how it sounds now but I have been reading around that some of these exhaust are soo much better, while others you cant tell a difference. I have listened to some sound clips online but it is kinda hard to tell from them. Sorry for any beginner questions, but I am just starting to mod my stang out. Thanks again! :worship
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I don't know about the legality of exhaust work but I myself live in California (San Diego) and I have gone with the Borla axle backs. I also looked at JBA and Magnaflows but I ended up going with the Borlas because of the look. I installed them this past weekend and they have been awesome! Can definitely feel some extra oomph when gunning it. However, they have a considerable amount of drone to them at around 1500-1800 rpms. It can get annoying. If you do a lot of driving in that rpm range (city driving) you might want to get more information on drone from other brands. The sound of the Borla is awesome, especially under WOT and also when cold starting. The installation was easy, as I'm a novice and was able to install in about 2 hours. The kit comes with everything you need (clamps, etc...). Only tools you'll need are a 15mm socket and wrench and a 13mm socket and wrench. The look also improves greatly. The stock pipes definitely don't compare to the polished look. Hope this helps and ask away (no questions are too beginner) :laughlitt
xeroinsanity said:
06GTee: Thanks for the good info, a buddy of mine swears by borla but I wanted to get some more info on them first. Also which one of these did you get? And how much difference will it be from just the mufflers to the mufflers + pipes?

Thanks again for all the info, this helps alot!
I got the 11750 (just the axle back one). I am not totally sure what the difference it will be between just mufflers and the entire cat back system but I was told that since Ford did such an excellent job with this exhaust (2.5" all the way back and madrel bent) the aftermarket pipes will do little. *Correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not sure of this statement* Therefore, since any improvement will be minimal, I decided to save myself a few bucks and just get the axle backs to get the sound that I was after. I'm pretty happy with mine but again, as others have said, the drone can be pretty annoying and if you can try to listen and experience the exhausts before deciding. If you have any more questions, ask away!!
HeiMa said:
one word to fix that drone (or eliminate most of it) - dynamat!!
Hope it helps.
Thanks for the idea!!! :wavey Never thought of that, but sounds like an excellent idea. :laughlitt

As for xeroinsanity's question on warranty, my dealer told me that the only warranty I will be voiding is the exhaust. Which makes sense to me since I messed with it, I can't really hold them liable against any problems. Which is also why I chose Borla--they offer a lifetime warranty on their systems and plus my service advisor had said he used Borlas all his life and never had any problems with them. Hope this helps!!!

As for the MAC exhaust, they are also an excellent choice. I heard one of their clips online somewhere and they sounded pretty sweet. I just happened to come across an excellent deal on my Borlas which I couldn't resist. Free shipping and 10% off... :drool:
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