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Exhaust Setup

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I'm going with BBK O/R X-pipes and was wondering if I had to get 2 Flowmaster Series 40 or just one?
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Your mustang has dual exhaust? so two!
Like Fordman said, you need 2 mufflers. Gotta have one on each side :gringreen
I don't understand it though, with the X pipe. I thought it only needed one muffler. Care to explain the X pipe setup?
You have 2 exhaust manifolds (one on each side of the motor). Those come down from the motor and connect to your midpipe (stock is an "H" design, but imagine an "X" in this instance). The crossover happens where the 2 sides of the exhaust come together. Then it splits back apart and continues down the car toward the rear. Your mufflers are located just before the rear axle, then the pipes are bent up and over the rear axle and then they come back down and exit out the rear of the car.

Just get under your car and look.
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And that's one of the most horrific combinations of parts for exhaust ever. Take the worst X-Pipe for drone and raspiness and combine it with mufflers that drone like crazy, and you're in for a real treat around 2000rpms on the highway.

I can't think of anything that would more likely make me want to shove hot skewers in my ears than that setup on the highway.
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