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Explorer motor questions?

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I just picked up a compleat explorer motor from throttle body to oil pan for dirt cheap and i plan on using it in my 5.0 swap for my 86 lx notch. Now i am aware that i have to change the oil pan the timming chain cover and some accessory brackets and i know its recomended to change the cam. Now my questions are why is it recomended to change the cam and what cam should i replace it with? Would it be a bad idea to keep the coil packs instead of replacing them for a distributor? Would it be a bad idea to use a mass air mustang ecu or should i just use the explorer ecu? And last but not least is there anything else i need to change or modify for this motor to work in my stang? P.S.i am aware the explorer motor has the hypernumatc pistons.
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The main reason people change the cam is that the stock cam is not a "performance" profile. I'd leave it stock until you get it running right. There will be MANY variables you'll need to take into account, so why add another with a new cam? Same thing with the coils, keep it stock until you get it running right. That is if you are keeping the EFI setup. IMHO I'd get the wiring harness from the Explorer and use it, at least until you get it running. THEN do any mods you want.

Another option is to remove the Explorer controls and use all Mustang EFI parts. Mixing and matching Explorer and Mustang parts is a recipe for frustration until you have a baseline from which to make mods. Also, get a wiring diagram for the Mustang & the Explorer. Don't try guessing what each wire does.
Would i be able to use my wiring for my 86 if i did the mass air conversion and if so why not?
This gets into the minefield of mixing and matching different year components. If you are completely familiar with both systems, you may be able to make it work. Odds are you don't know all the ins-and-outs of the two, so you are about to embark on a journey of frustration.

These modern EFI control systems only work if EVERYTHING is working as expected. If you are going to try to mix systems (whether upgraded to mass air or not) you will not be happy. I installed a stock 95 GT motor in my 65 and it was a challenge to get everything right. And I kept it stock except for the EGR.

I urge you to stay with one year's computer and harness, at least until you get it running.

To answer your last question, the reason why I say it won't work is that there are too many variables you must account for. You'll end up spending a lot on parts and components that aren't designed to work with each other. If you can be patient, and do EVERYTHING to the car except the motor swap, this will give you time to save up for a single, integrated control system, whether used or new.
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