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Explorer motor questions?

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I just picked up a compleat explorer motor from throttle body to oil pan for dirt cheap and i plan on using it in my 5.0 swap for my 86 lx notch. Now i am aware that i have to change the oil pan the timming chain cover and some accessory brackets and i know its recomended to change the cam. Now my questions are why is it recomended to change the cam and what cam should i replace it with? Would it be a bad idea to keep the coil packs instead of replacing them for a distributor? Would it be a bad idea to use a mass air mustang ecu or should i just use the explorer ecu? And last but not least is there anything else i need to change or modify for this motor to work in my stang? P.S.i am aware the explorer motor has the hypernumatc pistons.
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You will have to upgrade the valve springs as they will not support anything more aggressive than the stock truck cam in there.
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